toes in the sand

what an amazing day. i do love being in the mountains and there is nothing that compares to the smell of the desert after a good rain, but i do miss the sound of the waves, the salt breeze, and sand in my toes!


go Mo go

almost 8wksold

Grandmo Mo. She is a great mom. she is a WONDERUL Mo.

5 little monkeys!

before we came on vacation, we worked hard on improving table manners. social manners. being the lone girl in a pack of boys, some of that just doesn't seem so important now.
"hunting aligators"


from my man

he is there. i am here. we talk on the phone. and there is much lacking. when we are away from each other i love his emailed notes. they are tangible. i get a little bit of him. sometimes through the words of others... tonight bob dylan

"for his age he is wise
he's got his mothers eyes
there's gladness in his heart
he's young and he's wild
my only prayer
is if i can't be there
lord, protect my child

as his youth now unfolds
he is centuries old
to see him play makes me smile
no matter what happens to me
no matter what my destiny
lord, protect my child

while the world is asleep
you can look at it and weep
few things you find are worth while
and though i don't ask for much
no material things to touch
lord, protect my child

he's young and on fire
full of hope and desire
in a world that's been raped, raped and defiled
if i fall along the way
and can't see another day
lord, protect my child

ther'll be a time i hear tell
when all will be well
when god and man will be reconciled
but until men lose their chains
and righteousness reigns
lord, protect my child"



fun fun fun

we fly out tomorrow for a week of fun in the sun with sister and family. i have a million things i'd LIKE to do before we go. i will likely get none of that done. oh well. i took the camera out again this am. i have been hunting down graffiti around town. it's been fun. this is an old one i took awhile back. when i get home i plan to post a series of them. stay tuned.


smoke chasers

When I stepped outside this morning I could smell smoke. It was cold last night and most of the houses in town rely on wood burning stoves as their heat source. It was a wonderful Autumn feeling - the air crisp, the smell of wood burning... As we drove toward town though I realized it wasn't just a few woodburning stoves - Mexico is on fire again. One long line of cloud on the horizon in an otherwise clear sky. A sight we've seen a lot in the last few years. We get the hazy days, the constant smell of fire, and the most amazing sunsets as a result. The kids and I took a little trip to the border. In 15mins we go from Fall to Summer.



speaking of clothing... if my disposable income is ever greater than my common sense...

i'm a Hobo!

Halloween isn't a favorite holiday for me. I don't get it honestly. I don't like the excess sugar. I don't like that kids are dressed up like devils and bloody headless creatures demanding candy from strangers. Candy that makes them actmore like the wild beasts they are dressed as. BUT - just for the experience we went trickRtreating last year. It was fun. Th4 (3 at the time) loved it. Not for the haul - which she took one tootsieroll pop from and forgot the rest on her own merit - but for the social act of the thing. She asked questions at every door. She got up close to the decorations and studied... It was as if we were in a different culture - everything being new, amazing, and just a bit scary. We threw her costume together at the last minute - she was a zebra/monkey/cat thing...

This year on the way to her dance class halloween morning we were talking about going again and what she might want to be. I reminded her we would have to make her costume, and was silently praying for something easy. She's old enough now to set her heart on something and I was didn't want to disappoint. She thought about it, mentioned a few ideas, and then yelled "I want to be a hobo!" I couldn't have been more surprised or relieved. A hobo...
I found her hat at the thrift store while she was at class. The rest we threw together that afternoon. She was a great hobo. She took her hat off at each door and held it out. Candy was then turned over to us at the gate and she put her hat back on and moved down. Toward the end of the night she bowed as she extended her hat. Was a fun night.
She has been playing T-R-T at our door the last few days. Knocking and calling then letting herslf in to announce she's going t-r-t-ing again. Yesterday I asked her what she was. She said "i'm a .... a ... i'm a HIPPY GIRL!"


"speeding motorcycle fly me to the moon"

"speeding motorcycle" a Pat &Th4 original
3wks old- 3 wks ago

cut the ribbon

i'm slowly getting the hang of this. i think... so welcome. welcome to my world. my mountain. welcome to a blog that celebrates childhood. celebrates music, prose, and good cuisine! forgive my spelling, i'll try to remember to check. forgive my lack of following the proper sentence guidelines. enjoy your stay, comment often, breathe, breathe, breathe, the air is clean, the grasses are high, the wildlife is dangerous, the kids are noisy, and it's all so unpredictably beautiful. the sun is now just staring to rise and water is boiling. i greet the day. greetings to you.


the adults (?) photo taken in july

the children
Th4 and Jh5w


just getting a feel for this . trying to nurse the boy child and create a blog. must play around with fonts and such...