hiking in the rockies


what other kids have

th7 got her ladybug magazine today... granny keeps them coming. dad slipped it though the window. just in time. the book she had her nose in was about expired... each month there is an activity on the back page. usually a cut out whatnot. bits and pieces of paper awkwardly cut and later scattered by little brother. this one was confusing. i heard it coming from the other room... 'i don't get this one mom... you color these sayings... and cut out these holes... and hang them on your doorknob...' {thinking - processing} 'i don't HAVE a doorknob. {said. enlightened} {HARD PAUSE} 'in fact - i don't have a DOOR... that's odd... i guess i'll make these for my friends then!'
these moments i cringe a bit and remember back to childhood. remember the quiet observation. the sightings of twinkies in lunchboxes. the friends with tvs in their rooms. the ones who had fishtanks.
she colors and i continue the thought process for her... process is amusing. what other kids have... doorknobs and doors. toys they are allowed to call thiers. twinkies in their lunches. disney in the afternoon. tv on at all.
a glimpse here. one there. when does the wanting of the other begin? today i think i'm spared. she is content to make gifts. she is content to share an open room with the sibs. or maybe it's not worth the asking. in the home of requests-duely-noted-and-filed-if-you-still-want-one-come-birthday-time-we'll-see... if i were 7 {even if everyone else has one} i doubt i'd waste a perfectly good birthday request on a doorknob...

dimple and a thumb

we just can't ignore the wonder of the tiniest detail...


welcome baby girl!

Hazel Frances Maureen
sunday morning our babe we met. 7 lb 14 oz and 20 in long. could not ask for a better birth expeience. could not ask for a more supportive team (THANKS PAT, STEPHANIE & BILLYE!!!).could not ask for a more perfect child. you can read our midwives account of our birth over at (july 15th post)
the kids are just wild about her too!



my nephew and my baby bump are exactly the same age. it has been wild to see the growth within and without.