turn right

this new year you are upon us. with your unsuspecting passing of days and your ever forgiving ways. you bring afresh a painful birth. you whisper certain deaths... in this coming a milestone birthday. in this coming a distant truth. truth to be learned. truth to be re-invented.
you are upon us. again. and again. to fast. slow down...
my babes are yet young and i wish them to stay. young and innocent and wise beyond their year. turn right. choose wise. turn right til you find you go in circle...
in circle. in cycle. turn right. choose right. choose perfect.
this new year. in this new new year. turn right. be wise. be wisdom.....


hard pause

this is the beginning. a new. a fresh. this is the hard pause before the gasp and the release...
this is days passing too fast. and all you moments in between.
this is the old fading away in ash and new birth in agony and a letting go...
this is the birth. this is the first breath of a soul to old to recount it's days. this is the last and the first. this is...
my telling. this is. my heartbreak. this is. my joy... this is...
awakening and rest. awakening in death. awakening to you my wee little babes. greetings in you pure self.
this is. yes. just another beginning. another of countless.
pure and peaceful and with good hard pause....


"so shake the dust off off your broken wings and the tears out of your eyes"....


i can see now

Ever loved a woman who made you feel tall?
Ever loved a man who made you feel small?
If you were a sailor
I'd raise the anchor
To sail the sea
In search of you and me
And god
Conjures currents to break our fragile boats
And both the innocent and the damned
Are swallowed up in his wake
If you were a huntress
I'd be your bow
For your silver arrows
To seek out his heart
Ever loved a woman who made you feel tall?
Ever loved a man who made you feel small?
Who are you to complain
For lack of understanding?
We are all created equal
In just one thing alone
Alone in your thoughts that { } you through your life
They'll take you outwards to the dark edge of time
And there's nothing more dangerous
Than a man with nothing to lose
Nothing to live for
And nothing to prove

-Dead can Dance

in my younger days we would gather at a flat and listen to dead can dance in a sparse apartment with white russians and a string of christmas lights... it is a rather melancholy memory but one oh so comforting... like good home cooking you don't ever dream you will miss til you are eating frozen pizza seven nights a week.... a strand of blue holiday light illuminates my space and the only soundtrack appropriate is my well worn DCD. for the first time not just association tune, the words speak life and longing and truth in this blessed twisted moment.