a convo

me to the sky : WHY IS IT SOOO COLD?!?!
the girl - "it's winter!"
the boy - "because you don't like cold and God is mad at you"
the girl again - "noooo, because Proserpina got kidnapped when she was picking flowers by Pluto because Hades asked Pluto if he could capture her and bring her to the underworld - then her mother Ceres morned for her lost daughter and she begged Jupiter to demand Hades to release her... Then HAdes asked Proserpina to eat smething from the underworld and she ate pomagrante seeds and he was pleased. Ceres said that since she ate from the underworld she has to return for two months each year and that's why it's cold... "
me again - "did you get that from school?"
the girl with the eyes - "i think yo should read up on your mythology"