love is all around

this afternoon we had a wedding. th5 and w6 tucked their new baby into a basket and got married...

th5 escorted the bride through the living room. they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. danced...
th5 surprised w6 with a big kiss to seal the deal.


a new do

look what two hours in a chair gets ya! yesterday mom and i went *shoppin* in tuscon. it was a fantastic day! good food. relaxed conversation. a nice cloud cover that made the city bearable. got my hair done, found a wedding 'dress' , walked blocks and blocks, hit trader joes on the way home. was a happy day.

happy DAD day


back in the saddle again

howdy once again. have paitence with me as i am redefining my life. a new camera and software to learn. a new j-o-b and routine to fall into. a shift into marital status. and all to share with you beautiful peeps soon.


why indeed

a book about family. stories of the capital F's. F for functional, funky, frightened, fueding, fresh, fixed, found, and fucked. for me - timely. i'm about finished readin this one on my mom's recommend. while i wouldn't file this one under life-altering-must-have-on-bookeshelf, i do want a copy to lend out. if you have a family - with a capital F - check it out. it's inspiring and thought provoking without being preachy or problem solving.


summer fun

the grandparents are in town for a nice long visit. long summer days. lots of activity, laughter and tired tears. th5 started swim lessons this week. what a trip. today she put her head under the water and found three diving sticks. floated on her back. jumped in by herself. pat and i stood watching her class. all grins, inflated chests, and held back tears. i turned to him at one point and all i could say was "doesn't this just feel so... wierd?" she's always been fiercly independant - but this just seems like such a big step... out. proud moments. clouded meloncholy. deep breath. hold. plunge.



the boy is 8 months old. almost four teeth. almost walking. almost sleeping through the nights.
loves the word no. smile creeps. eyes twinkle. full speed ahead. go turtle go.



so the plans have officially changed. now i have full excuse to read when otherwise i'd be scrubbing four years of grime from under the stove...
we were supposed to be out of this house and living in the bus by now. now we have a bit more time and a bit of a cushion to jump on.
the folks are staying in the windy city a bit longer now that the 'captian of the dental world' job was offered to dad. not a week yet retired.
happily they'll be able to spend about a month with us here before the position needs filling. (no pun indended there ;)
we have a bit o time now to build and set up our stead without doing it in the hottest months.
still your mountain mama. i was having trouble coming up with an alternate alias. (desert mama. mesquite mama. dust blown red sand mama. just doesn't roll off the tounge so well.)
ironically - out there we no electricity. no water. no phonelines. but we can pick up wireless internet. so i may be looking for a laptop soon!
here's to change. chink.