happy 20something

is it possible that almost 10 years have passed since this shot was taken? before we had lil wrinkles forming around our eyes. before we had childrens and careers. is it possible - we met ALMOST 20 yrs ago? this may quite possibly be the first year i remembered the right birthday week. don't cross your fingers - but maybe i'll get the right day next year. much love sent to you today. and tomorrow. here's to the next 10. after that we can stop counting and just pretend we are still in our teens...

when dad is from Lafayette LA, and mom's fam hails from New Orleans, there are just some things you learn - long before you can read... like how to eat a crawfish.
and that it's not a real meal without a bottle of tabasco on the table.


duchess in waiting

mo & papa visited us this week. mo brought with her - an outlandish costume. her 'duchess of mo'. for our 4yr old - who doesn't normally don dressup - it was quite the thrill. hat. gloves. purple sequence pumps. ready for a party.


from yesterday


handful of this and that

this winter has been mild. i can count on one hand the number of really good stay inside and bake days. today was one. i made bread. handful of this and that bread. and mushrooms to marinade. the fog rolled and the rain came. i noticed the manzanita in bloom - and buds swelling on the apricot tree. a new birth twist to the winter greys. the kiddos snuggled and laughed on the kitchen floor while i kneaded dough. if it weren't for all the wood being wet we would have lit a fire... i cherish these days. bread recipe for the day: this made one large loaf and one big pan of cinnamon rolls... Hearty.
2 c. whole milk
2 TBS butter
2 TBS sugar
2 tsp salt
1/4 c. warm water
1 pkg. yeast
2 c. leftover oatmeal (use reg oats uncooked if none leftover)
3 - 4 c. whole wheat flour - more or less
handfuls of mixed raisens, cinnomon, ginger, clove, and cardomon, i threw in some loose chai mix too just for fun...
*scald milk - add butter & sugar. cool a bit. soften yeast in h2O. combine milk mixture to oatmeal and part flour. when nice temp add yeast and grad. add flour til kneadable. knead and seperate into two. allow to rise. shape and rise again. bake 400 til done.
photos arn't downloading now for some reason. will post them alone perhaps...


happy valentimes day!

we were downtown this morning - th4 yelled to everyone we passed "happy valentimes day"

story time this morning at the library. i sat jh4mo on the floor between my legs. after the first book i realized he wasn't relying on my props. he was sitting - by himself. when did this happen? he made it through three books. i sat him on the floor this afternoon to get a photo - expecting him to roll the minute i got the camera. i got 8 shots before he toppled. wow.


i give up!

every year our library hosts a chocolate tasting fundraiser. last year it fell on valentines day. this year it was the "sat before valentines day". naturally i assumed - the DAY BEFORE. i thought today was the 14th. and my b-day message would be timely. i just glanced at the calender and *big ol hairy blush* yet again i am totally lost. i was so proud of myself last night remembering a birthday again. today i am humbled. again. sorry


one i don't forget

i am bad about birthdays. B.A.D. bad. dates mean nothing to me honestly. most days i don't even know the day - let alone the number attached to it - let alone what that number is supposed to represent. somehow, someway i remember the 14th of feb. most years i forget V-day falls on the day except that it shares a birthday with my happy club co-founder. i remember. for what it is worth... happy birthday friend. i love ya man.


the boy child

he grows by the day. has discovered his feet. reaches and grabs. and smiles. he melts my heart. growing into his own and the spirit is strong. my son. where have the last four months gone?


lest the mother forget her 'place'

Th4 is our monkey. more often than not she hears this over her given name. when Jh4mo was born we started thinking "what animal is he"... it came to us one morning a few weeks back. Th, Jh, and I were snuggling in bed - shortly after Pat laft for work. "he's our little turtle" i said. Th4 agreed right away. that night she brought it up to Pat who said when he got to work that morn the same word came to his mind. we have a monkey and a turtle... Last night at dinner Th4 told Pat "i figured out what you are... Bear. Daddy Pat Bear." it fit. so i asked - "well then what am i?" she thought. and thought. i held my breath and secretly prayed 'pick something wild and cool... a tiger, an exoctic bird maybe, a zebra...' she thought and thought. and then- "i know - you can be a house taker carer of-er!". great. put me in my place. again. i asked if maybe we could at least call me the zookeeper. they agreed i could be the zookeeper. at least it SOUNDS just a bit cooler. a bit.


prince and princess

we went to a princes and princesses b-day party this weekend. th4 dressed in her 'indian princess' wear - the latest find at our thrift-shop. it was a fun party. while the other lil girls and boys were dressed in their frillies - my gal threw off her shoes and ran aound as all lil princesses from the are east should - braids swirling and bells a jingle. on the way home she voiced her one and only complaint of the day. the girls were all given REALLY cool fans from hawaii. the boys had something out of a box. "the girls got one thing and the boys got something else... that just doesn't make any sence to me..." hmmm.
my lil prince is acting like a tooth may be presenting itself soon - and lately is only content to be held in the sling...


and the blue ribbon goes to...

yesterday i heard the words i honestly thought would NEVER flee my four yr old's lips. "i don't want to go with you... you are the MEANEST MOM in the WHOLE WORLD!" i was picking her up from her art/dance class and she had overheard another mom tell her charges they would get ice cream today. she wanted to go with them. not get ice cream with me, but go with them... she cried and yelled but finally got in our car. after she had calmed down we were talking about it and i said how words like that can hurt my feelings. she told me with a new spurt of tears "but i don't like it. you tell me BAD WORDS ALL THE TIME and make my heart sad." my mind raced. bad words? i asked "what kind of bad words do i say all the time?" she knocked me over... "um, like..... LISTEN. and i just want to be wild and crazy ALL THE TIME!" some days are just one huge SIGH.