the 3rd grade monkey has a homework assignment this week is to make a poster of our family's traditions... is encouraged to have help and also present her poster in the oral. we brainstormed today ideas. came up with four. came up with a FEW more. excitement grew as we started to map out the project. but now that the babes are asleep and crayons are put away i'm sad. our family lacks tradition. we lack the spiritual tradition i grew up cherishing. we have THINGS we do - but one could almost argue they are closer to habit than purposeful remembering... something new to work on now...


just who am i ?

your mother? your lover, your family, a friend? do i cater your event, or manage your business? where is my person? my desires no end... do i offer a word you take home? do you call on a whim or a mission? therapy at any time. day or night. i'm there. there. asking... where? who? why? and yes... just sometimes... when?

after school treats

still am not sure how i feel about the new school situation - but i do like the after hours and the time it allows us to linger at our mimosa market....



explained to thayer tonight the workings of a mama's mind. explained WHY i'm on my feet runnin' for 18 hours a day (we counted) and WHY i only sleep a GOOD four and a half. laughed as i related the million thoughts in a single day and how hard it is to keep them organized when there are screamin' babes and bickerin' sibs. how i need them to just GO TO SLEEP so i have one less distraction and how for a mama at the 15 hour mark this is crucial to her own sanity and the safety of her kids... i told her sometimes i have to pee for hours! how as a mama you have to do what needs to be done and sacrifice your own comfort and desires. why when you do decide you can't take it any longer you go to pee and a baby follows close behind yelling "mama - mama" so you don't even close the door. how you wouldn't trade it for the world - but WONDER sometimes why you ever did. we laughed so hard she couldn't breathe - the telling of all was much more animated than i can relate here. sometimes i can be pretty damn funny. sometimes i wish i could be more. more often. fun! i know i work too hard at what i do and don't just sit to read. she overheard me on the phone tonight tell a friend it's my own fault i don't rest more. read more. photo more. breathe more. while i was still on the phone she picked a book off the shelf for me and wrapped it up as a gift. teachings on love - thich nhat hahn... she gave me a gift. she opened the door for a fun conversation. she is the reason i do these things. the reason i will do it all again tomorrow... opening it up my eyes fell on this prayer " may he/she be peaceful, happy, and light in body and in spirit. may he/she be free of injury. may he/she live in safety. may he/she be free from anger, disturbance, fear,worry, and anxiety." even in the moment where i finally sit for a moment to myself - i am reminded - i am not alone...



lack of monsoon downpour has forced us to using the vader-sprinkler


poetry in motion

our days are hot and full!


gentle reminder....

to self and others alike - UPDATE YOUR BLOG ALREADY! facebooks - myspaces -ego-centric social networks - well they just ain't the same...