mama said

mama said
mama said there'd be f*cked up moments such as this... mama said.
teenager.ling. moments come too soon.
mama said "you just wait and see - one day your daughter will show".
oh mama....
mama maria save us. mama mia sing us into a sultrier state of being.

she wants to know the why and where the justice lies.
she wants it to fit into a box she holds buried.

and mama can't make it fit...
so the mama just says... because. i. said.
and so that's it. and the cycle continues. and the new day greets. and the words fall defeated. and the coffee brews. and the hugs surround. and the smiles return.
and nothing mama said matters at all.
and everything that fell between the lines between the cracks fell deep into the memory banks.

many arms to hold you