pitter patter stampede

as th6 says "4+1 = 5 and it better be a girl this time cause i'm not standing for another boy". sometime late july our little wild haired monkeys will have another in the ranks.


what it's all about

this is the footer poured. the bedroom we will move into. room to birth new babes. the start of our home on our land. this is progress to date.

this is a yet another first. another step. another phase entered. a reminder of growth under the surface.

this is our family turkey project for th6's school.

this is the season to gather close - love much - snuggle into the coming days. it's the cool and the color and the smell of woodsmoke in the air... this is where we are at the moment.


a word to the subconscious

let me rest o troubled soul... tulipgal posted about dreams. the last few nights have been fitfull here as well. on the surface of my waking hours things have been rather peaceful if not relaxed. dreamtime has been telling me otherwise and answers are not coming easily. perhaps those stars falling out of the sky last night are to blame. perhaps our universe is off kilter. perhaps i am in denial. or perhaps my heart is just going ot to my dear sis... whatever the case - i say enough you inner child. put your thoughts away til tomorrow. allow me shelter and peace tonight...


happy hallow

just another crazy day in bisbee... here we are about to set out. th6 a gypsy princess. jh2 as the product of a very disorganized mama who doesn't do the store bought thang. and mama in her hobo sack.

he was asked if he was a sprout? a bean? a pumpkin? a scarecrow? a cabbage? a (ARG) teletubby? to each he smiled big and nodded and said "ha-WEEN!"

each year i tend to circulate costumes. i have my pre-haloween party do-up. (leiderhosen w/ sheep skin tube top - fishnets- flowers in my hair)... my trick-r-treating with kids gig. (pictured)... and my party on the nightlife town (NOT pictured and a bit risque - think cabaret kit-Kat-girl if you desire...) a pal asked of the latter 'what' i was and i had to say 'damn sexy'. but later we were talking and i was recounting the dressing of the kids ordeal. every year it is just that - a last minute scramble ordeal. i said i was becoming my mother and when asked later 'what' i was decked out in boots- red fishnets - tutu and tophat.... well i put down my drink - grinned - and said "i'm becoming my mother"...