bliss is this

coming off a roller coaster there is that weebly moment of disorientation. the moment where your adrenaline levels out. the moment of a sigh and respect for the ground beneath your feet. in a moment of focus you see the earth around you anew. in a moment - for a moment - it is a pure high....

that moment has not been a moment. it lives on and going strong. for months i have been suspended in that moment of bliss. of seeing the little things as the most important in my life. moments of love shining through the eyes of my family. moments of new friendship formed. moments of unexplicable joy and greatfullness. moments that just haven't yet found their end.


long awaited



days always passin. still no slowin' down. splashin' where we find a puddle. soakin' in the rays..

growin' pains come and we deal. sunrise & sunset come and we bless them both for a new beginning and an end.
*photo by andrew nelson



... the sweet smell of a new hard drive. after a long silence, a long day in the big city - my computer is mended. however all my data was lost and i am starting all over again. happiness though is that soon we will be connected at the casa. so - please 'pardon our dust' as i reorganize. love love