on the road again

in the last month we have packed and unpacked three times & logged 48+ driving hours. (looking at 60 hrs by the time we get home next) ... we are now sittin' pretty at the grand canyon's north rim...

pat plays four nights up here this week. yesterday was our big travel day - caravanin' with pat's brother and fam. and now we rest...

pics of our trip to come later....


series of blessing / part 1: a midwife

journey with me as i recall. recount. reconnect with this universe of unexpected and beautifully timed blessing. a series if you will of angels in my life. saviors of the soul. reminders of the truth. journey with me as i realize my existence as a mere woman. no longer standing alone. against the whirl. but a thread. held up and made stronger by those tied to me. all i had to do was open my eyes and before me lay... a series of sisters and brothers. each deserving of praise and thanks.


in this pregnancy i wrestled. timing was what i blamed. timing was so not to blame. many adjustments. many decisions to be made. only seemingly complicated by this tiny being growing within.
the mask i wore was one of strength. of faith. of acceptance. of excitement. of control.... some were fooled. others knew better. and those knew better than to probe.
enter the midwife. intuitive and gentle. she waited. when the floodgates burst and the mask fell she opened her arms and wrapped me in wisdom.
in this time of growth she filled so many shoes. she became for me so much more than a woman who knows birthing... confidant. mother of example. encourager. life giver. nutritionist. counselor. voice of confirmation.
to experience the intimacy of birth with a devoted and knowledgeable team is a gift. to experience an intimate birth with a team you have grown to love and to fully trust is a treasured gift. one i didn't expect. one for which i will always
be grateful.
you held my hand. upheld me in prayer. as i grew as a woman and mother. you held my daughter as she took her first breath. in the cycles to come. in the circles we spin. this will stay with us. this bond is strong. i thank you.


our rock and roll lifestyle

my guitar slingin' man is now playing 6 nights/week. he has worked a deal here in town and gets a room when he plays the Grand. tonight we get a bit of a date night as sarah parties with the older kiddos at home. this is pat's favorite room - and will be my first time sleeping in a real covered wagon...

""The Old Western Suite is probably the most unusual suite in the country. This suite features a covered wagon that was built to accommodate a queen sized bed in the back of the wagon. Once finished, the wagon was dismantled and rebuilt inside the suite! When you stay in the Old Western suite, you actually sleep inside the covered wagon. The suite also includes a two person jacuzzi tub. It shares a common sitting room with the Hollywood Suite, where there is a TV. Of course, the sitting room has a western theme as well.""

a month in

it's been a full month here on the mountain. passing with the blinks and grins the growls and tears... to colorado and back with just enough adventure. soaks in the springs hikes in the highs and one huge waterfall. beautiful sarah living with us now. doing the nanny thing - providing good energies and conversations.

th7 starting second grade. falling so gracefully into the routine. lovin' her twice a week music!

jh2 in the throes of the bipolar twos. discovering the joy of peeing outside...

hz has hit the 4 week mark with a new dimple and a few pounds. proving herself a good traveler. good eater. good sleeper.

without words