this is just to say...

had a few moments this eve to update the sidebar. check out the new links. happy to say amy loves books has been found again and i am so thrilled to read her words once more!


king of the morning sun

getting the monkey to and from school each day means 84 miles. 84 miles of mountain vistas, horses and cattle, and far to many road splat jackrabbits and snakes... the one we watch, the one i hold my breathe each day to see, is our raven. the mascot of her school. the flight he takes. the perch he sits. we take it all as a sign. his precence is a milestone on this journey. we caught him mid breakfast the other day and th6 named him... "king of the morning sun"


mama takes a breather

crazy wild non-stop weeks, trying to see through this twisted tunnel. stopping long enough tonight to remeber how to breathe.


my man got me a bike! needs new tires and some major cleanup... but it's still my dream bike. wish i got a pic before we lost the "it's free - please take it" sign taped to the basket! am one happy gal!!! sooo much more to post on these days - just waiting for the quiet moment...


another step

my child. you are so young. so old beyond your years. so ready for a new experience... one outside our shelter. one just within our grasp... tomorrow we send you off. to school you go. a first grade for you. a first real letting go. to 'raven' school. to valley view. keep your eyes wide open. keep that spirit shining. knowing we do not let go. please do not let go... take your learning child. take it well and in full. turn around and give a little back. take what you will. give to all what comes so naturally to you. already full of wisdom girl. you've had your education. now it's time to learn to read and write. to 'rithmatic and recess...