morning in the not to distant past

"that morning i wept.
i wept because i loved the streets that took me away from him
and would lead me back to him.
i wept because the process by which i had become a woman was painful.
i wept because from now on i would weep less.
i wept because i had lost my pain
and i was not yet accustomed to it's absence..."
- anais nin on henry miller


oh but another day

greetings o blessed spinning whirlwind day. where are you going and what will you teach? each and new you bring to me an opening of joy and growth... but alas you whip by with no tolerance of my trying so hard to catch up.... in a blink you are gone and what have i done but be... honest and striving - having and losing - trying and failing - trying and winning. i am new in you. blessed gift from above and below. you are wisdom and heartbreak - you are fast and oh so slow. slow to impart your beauty slow to impart your lesson slow to impart what needs to be said and in all so blatant and bliss. you say to me in your waking hours - what will you do with me? i am dawning - i am here - rise and create and empower... you say it is time to be aware - you say act quickly - in flash i'll be gone. only to wake you again....


circus tricks

if we had us a circus wagon and we'd take this show on the road!