begin again

greetings from the starting point. folks we are back in arizona. three days ago we were sitting in salt lake UT and juanita decided she was not down with the cold. she crapped out on us and we had to baby her back here... now we are in the process of switching vehicles and getting ready for the next leg.
we should be in topeka KS by thursday. from there it's up to chicago, possibly michigan, then to vermont and NY...
sorry for the blandness of these last few updates, lack of photos and rushed words. i've just started journaling the last few weeks and hopefully i'll be able to transfer some of that here soon. being back 'home' the last few days has been odd. we are missing the motion of the tires and the views from the dash...


livin' on the road my friend...

a big hello from portland. ya'll still out there - checkin' in? this trip is turning out to be exactly what we needed as a family at this time. pat and i have been playing house for awhile now and now i feel we are working on the home bit. even if that home is a van named juanita... all i can say is this has been a good time of connection and fun. it'd be nice to have a laptop along and keep ya'll filled in on the stories along the way - but for now you'll just have to use your imaginations... love love. ~

wing and a prayer

we are off.
tuesday we strapped the kids in and now we sit in san fransisco. and what a grand adventure. early yet i know - but so far everyone is fairing better than expected. details will have to come in time. love and peace sent from the pasific coast tonight.