six and a half weeks. halfway through this adventure. over 8,000 miles driven. 22 state lines crossed. slept in 11. camped out in parkinglots and parks. braved 3 roadside motels. relaxed in one mid-line hotel. luxeriated in one high rise suite. crashed on couches and floors and beds of friends and fam... we've splurged and we've scrimped. most of the time riding the middle lines. growing as a unit on whole.
the monkey will be six years old march 6th. she has her first loose tooth. she's reading. sounding things out as we roll through another town. making new friends at every stop.
our turtle-boy is cutting 8-10 teeth at the moment. rambunctious and willful as ever. speaking real words. pushing our buttons.
we are watching them grow so fast. enjoying this time as witness.
if we've learned anything since we left it's this - we want to saty out here. out 'there' somewhere. rolling. living. day to day and all jazz.
planning the trip *again* to alaska this summer. will take some figuring as we will have just about one month after we get home to get a rig together and make enough to go. damned if we won't try though.
we just finished a great book - ARCTIC HOMESTEAD - and it's high on my list of 'go out and read this book'. ultimate account of bravery, faith, and a sh*t load of gumption. this family decided to homestead in alaska and were the last to claim their land before the homesteading act was closed in the late 70's. (with five kiddos under the age 10) enough said.
with that i will take my leave. love from the road.