on a horse

this week th6 spent her morns on a horse. growing up in the desert. is there a better local? jh(almost 2) does his horse dance - wanting to be up there too. knowing this will be soon. meloncholy and excitment...

monsoon mud fest


one year

tonight. on the deck and late. lights all off. milkyway hovers above. orion in glory before. three falling stars and a lightning storm down mexico way. today marks one year. an aniversary of together and we are apart. my man 1,ooo miles away. under the same night sky in a city so foreign and strange. one glorious year. so many tears. so much laughter. so many miles. so very very alive. honesty and humility. so small beneath the vast. one small speck swirling. swirling with the atoms and the cosmos. willing to be loved. willing to love. willing to take the grime with the giddy. not mere willingness. enjoyment in the fullest. today. another day of waking. waking with the decision made. to play it out. to be the beauty i seek. to see the beauty you are...


a few before we go

headed off on a mini vacation. will be making offerings to the grand canyon for the next few...