love is...

The girl child asked the boy child :
"do you know what love is?"
"of course i do..."
"well, then what is LOVE?"
"it's a kind of fish..."

Love... just may as well be a fish...


over this endless

no more talk of days with their passing. enough discussion of the gone so fast and never no mores.
no more looking forward. no more seeing toward. here we are.
in this moment. no more. new and fresh in each breath and blink.
what am i doing? no matter.
what will i do? what's it for.
take hold little one. i'm the one standing still. while you twirl and you spin and dizzy into grin.
here i am. here we are. what it's worth. whatever for...
be here. in the now. for now. just this once. breathe. be still