quacking on

new to the mountain stead - two ducklings - matilda and luna. luna i am pretty sure is a fella though and i voted his name be changed to hamish. what good is it to have ducks without proper british sounding names? now to build a duck nest, slaughter the roosters, and find a new home for a chicken eating dog.

welcome june

with june comes heat. my indulgence of my showers and teeth brushing and flowers in the desert makes me blush. we walk a fine line of wanting to be truly self-sufficient yet relying on well and electric and internet connect. after this long night of bar work, i come home to no water. no shower - no teeth brushing for the mountain mama... not tonight. i was watering today down by the greenhouse and got distracted by little ones needing a snack. left the water on the apricot tree - and from what i can calculate at 2:00 am this fine morn is that i have emptied a good 600 gallons on one tree. sad expensive lesson learned. the pump seems to be working and the water sounds to be trickling back into the reserve tank. but there is no telling what the water table is doing now in the hottest dry.est. month of the year. welcome june. you are brutality. and i should have known better ....



time lapse. days collapsing with each sunset/sunrise. rushing kids to and from. deadlines and the ever stacking of the laundry and suches. business expanding. growing on fronts. a building up of one empire to watch another fall. these are my days. filled with giggles grins and groans. in the working world i put on a show and then in the quiet recluse... letting go of what needs to fly. holding tight to what is worth holding. needing a soak. asking for prayer. watching the green things grow. planning tomorrows. living today. trying to cry - instead - breathing.