surprise endings

just when i was really starting to miss my man... just when frustration was setting in. when conversations on the phone were ellusive. when i could tell he was purposefully not telling me where he was... just when i was on the brink of tears... he snuck in and grabbed me by the waist at work. what a nice reunion. so glad to see his smiling eyes again. back home for a month and then likely back on the road. perhaps with us in tow for a leg...
taking advantage now of his presence here. taking some me time... must catch up on some neglected blog readin'...
love love...


warming up

and summer rolls on in. longer days and breezy nights. open windows and seeking shade.
the squeeze has been gone 17 days now. feels more like 32 and one half. conversations on the phone have been lively and leaving me with a smile on my face.
the little-uns and i have played hard. partied. worked. relaxed a bit in front of too many movies... calendar days flipping by at an unheard of rate. girl child grasping the concept of multiplication. loves punching numbers in her head. something i know nothing about except in theory. boy child speaking more clearly. using real words now but always with a facial change or dance move to match the word. both like weeds growing tall in the sun.
plans as always with us change with the mountain weather. imagining at the moment finding a train to take us to meet the man. he's looking for a little stream and tall trees to build us a little vacation nest. more weeks will pass in a blink and maybe this will happen. and maybe not. we'll use the time. the days. and nights. we'll do what we do best. wake up and see what happens next.