minutes into hours into days

in an instant. overnight. the family grows. full week. much too much to keep up. but somehow. managing... canyon learning collective - our new home/non/alternative schooling group organizing. yes. we are learning through life-experience.
th5's list of things she wants to learn about for 'school' this year - horses. cars. turtles. babies. houses. stars and planets. sheep. mountains. hunting in the jungle. starting to make out words. reading...
pat has been on a roll getting promo packs out to various venues. (anyone out there out there with a venue?) i just took a new batch of photos of him - stay tuned...
the turtle is walking (up to nine steps now). talking (yeah. bleh. maa-ma. DaDa. blue!). waving hi and goodbye. biting toes and kneecaps. becoming quite an imp.
since you ask - me, well i am here. sinus pressure and all. feeling old before my time and blessed beyond my years.


enjoying Armageddon

on tues pat heard from a friend *who has tv* that CNN had declared it armageddon. what with war on, weather patterns haywire, yeah - i'll buy it. we knew a day would come. earth reclaim yourself...
he cooked for me on tues and wished me happy armageddon. i wished him a happy second week anniversary. one in same? grin.
it has rained here for two days. yesterday the kids played in the creek all day. this morning i made a cake. we are enjoying the end of the world as we know it...



pardon the dust here folks. i need to revamp things here at mountain mama. still learning. need to add links. organize. ladida... if i am away for awhile i encourage you loyal readers to check out the archives. (if you haven't already you unloyal scamps!) when i get hooked on a new blog i tend to just pick up the pieces as i go. but damn i have some good stuff in the back room...
i'm off now for some much needed quiet 'me' time. much love tonight. peace.


thursday is a good night for...

the grandfolks left last night...
pat is playing a gig 5 1/2 hours out of town...
both kiddos have colds. making us miss swimming...
the lil one just started walking. two steps here. three there. so proud so proud...

sushi was very much in order for tonight.



one week... fresh ink.

"you left your mark on me. it's permanent. a tatoo."


quoting the fiddler

a little bit of this. a little bit of that. a pot. a pan. a broom. a hat...


back to life

days are taking on more of a norm once again. oh meloncholy. the bubble has popped and things like work and bills can actually reach us again... aw well.
jh9mo is walking! sorta. a bit. he's taken a step here and there... he knows "kiss". he sings. he chases th5 all over the house.
th5 is swimming. can hold her own in the DEEP end. evryday she seems to be just a bit more 'serious' and mature. we just heard about a waldorf "school" that may be happening this year! YAH! if it doesn't happen we'll be keeping her out of the public system. one of those parental decisions we know to be best - but at the same time holding off on the actual telling her of thing... cause well, ya know...
we've had an amazing two months with my parents and will be sad to see them go in a few days. i don't have enough words to thank them for all they do!
oh and yeah, married life is great. nope, doesn't feel much different. like i said - the bubble has popped. pat and i were floating for awhile there. and now life becomes a bit more real. our love a bit more tangible. our days not long enough.


we are here

we are here to do. and through doing to learn;
and through learning to know; and through knowing to experience wonder; and through wonder to attain wisdom; and through wisdom to find simplicity; and through simplicity to give attention;

and through attention to see what needs to be done...



as the sun sinks and the moon rises....


never did she think...

when i asked mom if she wanted to help me prepare for this wedding i don't think she really knew what i was asking. over the last two weeks she's watched the kiddos, hauled mesquite brush, raked dirt, gathered rocks, broken glass, and this evening we painted the outhouse!


round climate on earth

five days now and we wed. instead of words and details. thises and thats. here's a peek at the last few days... peace.


counting down

a month ago we decided to officiate this thing we love. well. say some words anyway. observe with friends kinda thing. ya know, have a little fire. maybe put on lipstick. buy new shirts. simple. for a month i've answered the what's and when's and how's and bla bla blas with a smile and a "it'll come together. we know who will be there - we know where it'll take place. what more is there to do?" and then "aahhhhhh" and "ohhhhh"... tonight we made a list. on a little ol piece of scrap. a little list for a little wedding. OH MY. "we have soooo much to dooooo!"

10 days. counting down begins. time to make some plans. solidify the whatnots. ideas we've had. but plans not. work has been done on the land. i do have a dress. sorta kinda dress.
my hair is done. we've invited who we want - the day is set - the time has yet. to be set. sunset-ish... yes. it should be lovely. unless. it rains. and then it will be a mud fest. a red clay slip and slide mud ball. i do love the smell of rain out there. in the desert. yes. it'll be beautiful.