a complete circle around the sun!


hz is 4

firecracker roller coaster!


starting a new business! not the easiest of tasks in any situation ... factor in three wee ones and one pre-pubescent one.
excitement! motivation remembered. a re-creating of self sufficiency... place to create. a place to relate.


plus one

awaiting the arrival of the 9th cousin ...


vacationing remembered

more to come in the days to come

road trippin' madness

been awhile since we've had a wee adventure!
kiddlings and i set out wee tomorrow hours for a road trip across the great southern states.
here to new orleans where we will pick up the brother i love so dear
there to florida where my sweet sister and her brood await the arrival of number 5 boy , drunkley!
a family reunion on the beach!
wish us godspeeds and good car karma!
will be trying to post along the way and attaching a photo here and there!


been a mama now...

... for 11 + years ....

the days go by, and now my first babe has a shoe size bigger than mine. (a size and half bigger at that)
she borrowed my jeans tonight
she gave me the knowing eye - of wisdom and wealth.
she really is no longer a child.
and yet...
she laughs still with child abandon
she loves still with whole heart and soul
she looks beyond the wall that masks us.
giving. trying. exploring. knowing. growing. into. this amazing woman,
who says she is not ready yet to be a woman but is ok with the term lady!